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Tronconi Enrico

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» Role: full professor
» Group: Catalisi e Processi Catalitici


  • Address: Campus Bovisa - Via Lambruschini, 4 - 20156 - Milano
  • Phone: +39-02-2399.3264
  • Fax: +39-02-2399.3318
Teaching assignments:
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Laurea in Chemical Engineeering, Politecnico di Milano, 1980.
Master of Science in Chemical Engineeering, University of Delaware, 1982.

Principali mansioni in ambito accademico ed esperienze lavorative:

dal 2000: Professore Ordinario c/o Politecnico di Milano, SSD ING/IND-27
1992-2000: Professore Associato c/o Politecnico di Milano, SSD ING/IND-26
1983-1992: Ricercatore di ruolo c/o Politecnico di Milano

Personal skills and research interests:

Heterogenous catalysis
Environmental catalytic processes
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Modeling of heterogenous catalytic processes
Reactor design and simulation


· Member of International Advisory Board of the Competence Centre for Catalysis, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden, 2008 - present
· Member of Directive Board of the Italian Chemical Engineering Research Group (GRICU), 2006 - 2008.
· Member of Directive Board of the Industrial Chemistry Division, Italian Chemical Society, 1998-2004.
· Invited Academic Member of the EUROKIN Consortium, 2003 - present.
· Chairman of Scientific Committee, ICOSCAR - 3, 2009.
· Invited member of Scientific Committee, ICOSCAR - 2, 2005.


· AIChE Senior Fellow, 1981 – present.
. Società Chimica Italiana, 1990 - present.


· Best paper award – Division of Fuel Chemistry, ACS Meeting, March 2005.
· Federchimica Award for Research – Federation of the Italian Chemical Industries, 1995.
· Prometeo National Award for Young Scientists, Milano, 1990

Selected publications:

1. D. Pinna, L. Tagliabue, E. Tronconi, A high interaction regime Lockhart-Martinelli model for pressure drop in trickle-bed reactors, AIChE J., 47, 19-30 (2001).
2. F. Prinetto, G. Ghiotti, I. Nova, L. Lietti, E. Tronconi, P. Forzatti, FT-IR and TPD investigation of the NOx storage properties of BaO/Al2O3 and Pt-BaO/Al2O3 catalysts, J. Phys. Chem., 105, 12732-12745 (2001).
3. E. Tronconi, G. Groppi, T. Boger, A. Heibel, Monolithic catalysts with ‘high conductivity’ honeycomb supports for gas/solid exothermic reactions: characterization of the heat-transfer properties, Chem. Eng. Sci., 59, 4941-4949 (2004).
4. C. Ciardelli, I. Nova, E. Tronconi, D. Chatterjee, B. Konrad, A Nitrate route for the low temperature “Fast SCR” reaction over a V2O5-WO3/TiO2 commercial catalyst, Chem. Commun., 2718 - 2719 (2004).
5. L. Giani, G. Groppi, E. Tronconi, Mass transfer characterization of metallic foams as supports for structured catalysts, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 44, 4993-5002 (2005).
6. D. Chatterjee, T. Burkhardt, B. Bandl-Konrad, T. Braun, E. Tronconi, I. Nova, C. Ciardelli, Numerical Simulation of Ammonia SCR-Catalytic Converters: Model Development and Application, SAE paper 2005-01-965 (2005).
7. I. Tavazzi, M. Maestri, A. Beretta, G. Groppi, E. Tronconi, P. Forzatti, Experimental and theoretical analysis of a CH4-CPO reformer under steady-state and transient conditions, AIChE J., 52, 3234-3245 (2006).
8. L. Giani, C. Cristiani, G. Groppi, E. Tronconi, Washcoating method for Pd/g-Al2O3 deposition on metallic foams, Appl. Catal. B: Environmental, 62, 121-131 (2006).
9. I. Nova, C. Ciardelli, E. Tronconi, D. Chatterjee, B. Bandl-Konrad, NH3-SCR of NO over a V-based Catalyst: Low-T Redox Kinetics with NH3 Inhibition, AIChE Journal, 52, 3222-3233 (2006).
10. C.G. Visconti, E. Tronconi, L. Lietti, R. Zennaro, P. Forzatti, Development of a complete kinetic model for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Co/Al2O3 catalysts, Chem. Eng. Sci., 62, 5038-5043 (2007).
11. A. Grossale, I. Nova, E. Tronconi, D. Chatterjee, M. Weibel, The chemistry of the NO/NO2 – NH3 “Fast” SCR reaction over Fe-ZSM5 investigated by transient reaction analysis, J. Catal., 256, 312-322 (2008).
12. R.J. Berger, F. Kapteijn, J.A. Moulijn, G.B. Marin, J. De Wilde, M. Olea, D. Chen, A. Holmen, L. Lietti, E. Tronconi, Y. Schuurman, Dynamic methods for catalytic kinetics, Appl. Catal. A: General, 342, 3-28 (2008).