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Groppi Gianpiero

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» Role: full professor
» Group: Catalisi e Processi Catalitici


  • Address: Campus Leonardo - Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - 20133 - Milano
  • Phone: +39-02-23993258
  • Fax: +39-02-70638173
Teaching assignments:
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Master Degree in Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 1989
PhD in Industrial Chemistry in 1994

Principali mansioni in ambito accademico ed esperienze lavorative:

1994-2000 Ricercatore al Politecnico di Milano; SSD ING-IND/27
2000- 2005 Professore Associato al Politecnico di Milano; SSD ING-IND/27
2005- Professore Ordinario al Politecnico di Milano; SSD ING-IND/27

Personal skills and research interests:

Heterogeneous Catalysys
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Catatalysis for Energy Processes
Structured Catalysts

Cariche ricoperte:

Membro del direttivo della sezione lombarda della Società Chimica Italiana
2003- Member of the Editorial Board of Catalysis Today


Membro del Centro di Eccellenza Nazionale NEMAS (Nano-Engineered Materials and Surfaces)
Membro del Centro di Eccellenza Europeo IDECAT (Integrated DEsign of CATalytic nanomaterials for a sustainable production)
Membro della Società Chimica Italiana, divisione Chimica Industriale

Selected publications:

1) G. Groppi, C. Cristiani e P. Forzatti,
“Preparation, characterization and catalytic activity of pure and substituted La-hexaaluminate systems for high temperature catalytic combustion”
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental., 35 (2001) 137-148

2) E. Tronconi, G. Groppi, T. Boger, A.Heibel
“Monolithic catalysts with ‘high conductivity’ honeycomb supports for gas/solid exothermic reactions: characterization of the heat-transfer properties”
Chemical Engineering Science, 59 (2004) 4941-4949

3) L.Giani, G. Groppi, E.Tronconi
“Mass transfer characterization of metallic foams as supports for structured catalysts”
Ind.Eng.Chem.Res., 44 (2005) 4993-5002

4) I. Tavazzi, A. Beretta, G. Groppi, P. Forzatti.
”Development of a molecular kinetic scheme for methane partial oxidation over a Rh/-Al2O3 catalyst”.
Journal of Catalysis, 241, (2006), 1-13.

5) I. Tavazzi, M. Maestri, A. Beretta, G. Groppi, E. Tronconi, P. Forzatti ,
“Steady-State and Transient Analysis of a CH4–Catalytic Partial Oxidation Reformer ”
AIChE Journal, 52 (2006) 3234-3245.

6) S. Colussi, A. Trovarelli, G. Groppi, J. Llorca
“The effect of CeO2 on the dynamics of Pd–PdO transformation over Pd/Al2O3 combustion catalysts”
Catalysis Communications, 8 (2007) 1263–1266

7) F.Arosio, S.Colussi, A.Trovarelli, G.Groppi,
Effect of alternate CH4-reducing/lean combustion treatments on the reactivity of fresh and S-poisoned Pd/CeO2/Al2O3 catalysts
Applied Catalysis B, Environmental, 80 (2008) 335-342

8) A. Donazzi, A.Beretta, G.Groppi, P. Forzatti,
Catalytic partial oxidation of methane over a 4% Rh/-Al2O3 catalyst: Part I: Kinetic study in annular reactor
Journal of Catalysis, 255 (2008) 241-258.

9) A. Donazzi, A.Beretta, G.Groppi, P. Forzatti,
Catalytic partial oxidation of methane over a 4% Rh/ -Al2O3 catalyst Part II: Role of CO2 reforming.
Journal of Catalysis, 255 (2008) 259-268.

10) P. Forzatti, G. Groppi, C.Cristiani
“Catalytic Combustion” in Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis,
G. Ertl, H. Knozinger, F. Schuth, J. Weitkamp Eds, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH&Co, Weinheim (Germany), 2008, Vol 5, Ch 11.6, pp. 2411-2426