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Electric Systems for Transportation (EST)

Referent: Zaninelli Dario

The research activities carried out by the Electric System for Transportation (SET) group are related to the study of the electric power system, both in fixed and onboard systems, for the electric propulsion, the control and the management of the auxiliary services for different transportation typology.
In the field of electric railway traction, the research is focused on the safety, security and voltage quality of the new 2x25 kVac High Speed/High Capacity and traditional 3 kVdc railway lines, through simulation models validated with infield measurements.
Regarding the subway and suburban transportation, the SET group is studying new system and devices for the vehicle breaking energy saving through the application of innovative storage systems as supercapacitors. Moreover, the SET group is studying new methodology for the traction system design, the electric substation sizing and the measurements to reduce the stray current effects, with particular regard to the new driverless subway systems.
In naval filed the research is mainly centered on the electric power systems and appliances installed onboard the ships, characterize by an islanding operation, and the system for the port services.
Another research field under development in recent years is related to methods for the planning of slow and fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles within the distribution networks.
Finally, particular emphasis is placed on synergies between electrified transport systems with their power supply from renewable sources inside the smart grids context.

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