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Internal combustion engines

Referent: Ferrari Giancarlo

The internal combustion engines group carries out its research in the field of numerical modeling of internal combustion engines, focusing on the development and application of 1D and multiD numerical codes for the calculation of the in-cylinder combustion processes and unsteady reacting flows along the intake and exhaust systems of internal combustion engines.
In the field of 1D modeling the group has developed the GASDYN code. It is a research code which allows the fluid dynamic optimization of endothermic engines to increase performances and to improve noise and pollutants emissions. This GASDYN code is nowadays a reference tool at international level and is used by many international companies operating in the automotive and aftertreatment systems.
In the field of multidimensional modeling, the internal combustion group has supported the philosophy of developing the OpenFOAM code. This is an "open source" code, distributed freeware under the GPL license, which allows the user to develop the physical models which represent the phenomena to be
studied. The choice to develop this code is motivated by the idea of providing a common platform to the scientific community useful for developing models which might be compared and validated on the basis of data or experience available in the public domain.


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