• Corso di Laurea Magistrale (Degree Course Master of Sciences)
  • Sezione di Ingegneria Elettrica (Division of Electrical Engineering)
  • Gruppo di Ricerca: Sistemi Elettrici per l’Energia (Research Group: Electric Power Systems)

Voltage regulation in distribution networks in the presence of distributed generation and electric vehicles: LVR (Line Voltage Regulator) Vs E-OLTC (Electronic On Load Tap Changer) approach

Responsabile (responsible): Alessandro Bosisio – email: alessandro.bosisio(at)polimi.it

Co-responsabile (jointly responsible): Gaetano Iannarelli - email: gaetano.iannarelli(at)unareti.it

Steady-state voltage levels will be a significant problem in the future distribution network due to a high penetration of distributed generation and electric vehicles. LVR (Line Voltage Regulator) and E-OLTC (Electronic On Load Tap Changer) have the potential to mitigate this problem by varying the line voltage automatically in response to changes in loading. The expected output of the thesis is to investigate the potential impact that LVRs and E-OLTCs could have on reducing system voltage violations. These impact studies are going to be performed on a computer model of an entire utility's distribution network in Italy. A follow up of the thesis could be the implementation of either LVRs or E-OLTCs in the distribution network to compare simulation results and real data gathered from the field.

Competenze (skills): we are looking for an Electrical or Energy Engineering student with a good knowledge and interest toward distribution networks (especially planning and operation). Fluency in both written and spoken English is required, since the thesis will be written and discussed in English.
Interested candidates may contact: Alessandro Bosisio – alessansro.bosisio@polimi.it, attaching to the email a full CV including Master degree exam marks and software knowledge (such as Matlab, Simulink, ArcGIS, GAMS, Digsilent, Mathcad, LaTeX etc.).

Durata (duration): 6-9 months

Maggiori informazioni (more information): thesis in collaboration with UNARETI S.p.A., the Distribution System Operator (DSO) of Milano and Brescia.


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