• Corso di Laurea Magistrale (Degree Course Master of Sciences)
  • Sezione di Ingegneria Elettrica (Division of Electrical Engineering)
  • Gruppo di Ricerca: Convertitori, Macchine ed Azionamenti Elettrici (Research Group: Electrical Converters, Machines and Drives)

Synthetic inertia in a LCC HVDC system
The thesis aims at analyzing the feasibility of implementing the synthetic inertia in a LCC HVDC line (Line Commutated Converter, i.e. with thyristors).
The student will study a part of a previous Ph.D. thesis on synthetic inertia applied to a grid supplied through Voltage Source Inverters, where synthetic inertia is obtained by d.c. capacitors.
Then, he will apply the same concepts to a dual network, i.e. a LCC HVDC one where synthetic inertia could be obtained by the energy stored in the smoothing inductor. See further details on beep

Responsabile (responsible): Roberto Perini - roberto.perini(at)polimi.it

Data presunta di inizio (estimated start date): immediate

Durata (duration):  6-9 months

Competenze (skills):
A deep knowledge of: mathematics, differential equations, control theory (transfer functions, Bode diagrams, stability conditions…), power electronics is required

Maggiori informazioni (more information):
No more than two missing exams. The thesis will be carried out in collaboration with CESI S.p.A.