• Corso di Laurea Magistrale (Degree Course Master of Sciences)
  • Sezione di Ingegneria Termica e Tecnologie Ambientali (Division of Thermal Engineering and Enviromental Technology)
  • Gruppo di Ricerca: Termofluidodinamica monofase e multifase (Research Group: Single and Multiphase Thermo-fluid Dynamics)

Conjugate Heat Transfer simulation of a household radiator
Space heating is nowadays the largest segment of household energy use in Europe. Novel de-signs on the side of the end users are crucial to reduce the overall emissions. In the present work a household radiator in a test room should be analyzed numerically with OpenFOAM using the Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) approach and including radiation. The simulation results should then be compared against the laboratory data from the MRT laboratory of Politecnico di Milano.
• Creation of the CAD model of the radiator and the test room
• Mesh generation with SnappyHexMesh
• Calculation of View Factors with OpenFOAM
• Simulation of different operating conditions
• Comparison of the numerical results with available experimental data

Responsabili (responsible):
Luca Marocco - telefono (phone): 02 2399 3973/6770 - mail: luca.marocco(at)polimi.it
Fabio Rinaldi - telefono (phone): 02 2399 2342 - mail: fabio.rinaldi(at)polimi.it

Data di inizio presunta (Estimated start date)
as soon as possibile

Durata (Duration):
6-8 months