Energy Data and Information Lab (EDIL)
Modern components and systems employed in energy applications are equipped with sensing capabilities which provide data informative on their performance and status, offering great opportunities for operating and managing them in an efficient, reliable, safe and sustainable way.
The Energy Data and Information Lab (EDIL) develops groundbreaking methods and applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for (big) data mining, text mining and image processing, and breeds new engineering talents for the sector, providing them with the skills required nowadays to make the most out of these opportunities.
The mission of the Lab is to advance the methods of data science, making their practical application feasible to energy-related problems and offering a reference of expertise to industry, positioning the Politecnico di Milano as an international leader in the emerging area of energy data analytics.
The Lab pursues its mission by:
- developing scientific studies in collaboration with other world renowned research centers and university labs;
- carrying out research and development projects with industrial partners;
- nurturing a pipeline of talented experts and innovators.
The Lab provides also a hub for collecting and sharing data and information derived from the various developments and applications at the Department of Energy, to enrich their use and significance.

Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Energia - campus Bovisa
via La Masa, 37 (edificio B12)
20156 Milano

Enrico Zio
telefono: 02 2399 6340
mail  enrico.zio(at)


  • Piero Baraldi
  • Francesco Di Maio
  • Francesco Grimaccia
  • Emanuele Martelli
  • Marco Mussetta
  • Behzad Najafi
  • Emanuele Ogliari
  • Fabio Rinaldi
  • Enrico Zio