5/11/2020 11:17

Energy for Motion - Annual Seminar 2020 - Seminario online

Live streaming: VIDEO  (12.11.2020)

Energy transition and mobility at the 2020 turning point
How the events of 2020 are affecting the market? Will the 2020 shock facilitate or complicate the energy transition?
The vision of our Industrial Advisors
(SLIDES) Aleksey Yezerets  Executive Director of Advanced Chemical Systems & Integration Team, Cummins Inc.
(SLIDES) Paolo Pollesel  Vice President Research & Technological Innovation. Renewable Energy & Environmental R&D, Eni spa
(SLIDES) Francesco Venturini Head of Enel X

Energy transition and mobility at the 2020 turning point
The vision of our Academic Advisors
(SLIDES) Andreas Züttel Professor of Physical Chemistry. Director of the Laboratory of Materials for Renewable Energy, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
(SLIDES) Stefano Passerini Professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Director of the Helmholtz Institute Ulm

Energy for mobility: different challenges and opportunities for different energy vectors
The vision of the Department of Energy
(SLIDES) Enrico Tronconi “Process intensification: a key to synthetic carbon-based fuels”
(SLIDES) Stefano Campanari “Hydrogen mobility and sector coupling perspectives”
(SLIDES) Maurizio Delfanti “Electric mobility: status and challenges”