The PhD is the highest level of university education, following the Master of Science. The title of PhD is awarded after a training path of at least three years of study.

Each PhD programme aims at developing education through research, to enable graduate students to work in industry, in public and private services, in public administration, research centres and universities and to promote new business skills. 

For information: Research Doctorate


PhD in Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology (STEN)

The Department of Energy directly manages the PhD programme in Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology (STEN). This programme develops researches of excellence at an international level, in close contact with the industry.

For information: Energy and Nuclear Science and Tecnology Doctorate


PhD in Electrical Engineering

The Department manages a PhD programme in Electrical Engineering with which professors of the Departments of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering collaborate, in addition to companies and research centres of the electricity industry. The PhD programme aims to prepare researchers in electrical engineering sectors such as circuits and electromagnetic compatibility, electrical power systems (electricity production, market and power grids), electrical and electronic measurements, power electronics and electrical machines.

For information: Electrical Engineering Doctorate