• Corso di Laurea Magistrale (Degree Course Master of Sciences)
  • Sezione di Ingegneria Elettrica (Division of Electrical Engineering)
  • Gruppo di Ricerca: Sistemi Elettrici per l’Energia (Research Group: Electric Power Systems)

Analysis of tariff structure for the remuneration of ancillary services supplied by DERs on distribution networks

Responsabile (responsible): Davide Falabretti – telefono (phone): 02 23994106 - email: davide.falabretti(at)polimi.it

The thesis project aims at quantifying the economical value of ancillary services supplied on electrical distribution networks by dispersed generators and energy storage systems. The work is motivated by the recent evolutions in the Italian regulatory framework promoted by ARERA, which envisage the participation also of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to the Ancillary Services Market. These services can be used by the TSO to manage the transmission system and, in perspective, by DSOs for the operation of distribution grids. In the thesis work, ancillary services such as voltage regulation, grid congestions relief, islanded operation will be analyzed through case studies involving real distribution systems and their provision by DERs will be compared with the other solutions available to the DSO (e.g. network’s reinforcement). Numerical simulations will be performed in MathWorks Matlab and Excel.

Competenze (skills): ideal candidates are Electrical or Energy Engineering students with a good knowledge of electric power systems operation and good (or basic) knowledge of the electricity market structure. Good programming skills (Matlab) and interest in coding are required.

Durata (duration): 9 months