Master of Sciences

The department of Energy provides English-language in Master of Science courses, in line with the commitment to preparing students - Italian and otherwise - to the most demanding challenges in the labour market throughout the world.

Energy Engineering

This program is offered both in English and Italian.Graduates in Energy Engineering are technicians with a high-standard professional profile who will be able to address all issues, including the most sophisticated and complex ones, as regards the design, construction and operation of plants for the production, distribution and use of energy, as well as heating and cooling plants for both civil and industrial applications; moreover, he/she is able to operate in planning, dispatch and energy control sectors and to take on both the role of the person in charge of energy in businesses and organisations which require such a figure and as an energy expert within national and international bodies for defining energy strategies and scenarios. Graduates will be able to take the State Examination ( for qualification under Section A of the Register (of Engineers) in the Industrial Engineering sector. The labour market offers Energy Engineers many opportunities in major energy industries operating in the power generation, oil and renewable sectors, in components and systems SMEs, in the heat engineering design of buildings, in public entities and international bodies.

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Nuclear Engineering

Graduates in Nuclear Engineering are able to operate in numerous high technology fields, within research bodies, industries, public control bodies, hospital centres, having acquired the skills to design and manage systems, sophisticated and innovative systems and processes and to devise and conduct highly complex experiments, solving engineering challenges which require a multi-disciplinary approach, with specific expertise in nuclear system applications for energy production or of radiation for non-energy purposes. He/she may become a freelance professional after taking the State examination ( and registering in Section A of the Register of Engineers in the province of residence.

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Electrical Engineering

Graduates in Electrical Engineering are technicians with a high-level of knowledge who may pursue a career in one or more of the following fields: enterprises and entities for energy services production, transmission and distribution (planning and operation); enterprises and entities for planning, implementing and operating electric transport systems; industries producing power apparatuses, electric machinery and electronic systems; industrial automation and robotics; companies producing and managing automated products and services; companies and consortia for purchase/sale of energy within the Energy Market; enterprises and bodies managing electric grids within the smart grid and distributed generation frameworks; freelance profession. In the latter case, professional freelancing is possible after taking the State Examination ( and registering in Section A of the Register of Engineers in the province of residence.

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A wide-ranging offer of courses

Other Degree Courses of the Politecnico di Milano benefit from the expertise and research by Professors and Researchers of the Department of Energy.

In particular, Mechanical, Aeronautical and Chemical Engineering, Engineering of Materials and Nanotechnology and finally Environmental Engineering where issues on energy production (specifically for combustion-related emissions) represent a key sector.

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