Air Lab

The research activity of the group mainly focuses on the study of innovative HVAC system equipment, on building systems energy efficiency and on indoor environmental quality.
We work on:
- Air contamination control in the built environment (evaluation of material emissions, performance assessment of operating theatres and cleanrooms, performance assessment of air filters).
- Recuperators, desiccant and evaporative cooling systems (development and test of desiccant wheels, air to air heat exchangers and indirect evaporative cooling systems).
- HVAC systems testing and simulation (built environment monitoring, development and test of equipment through “hardware in the loop” platform).
- Refrigeration and heat pumps (development and test of household refrigerators, heat pumps and solar assisted heat pumps).
- Museum environment, climate and energy in cultural heritage (Modelling, test and monitoring of museum display cases, measurement of water adsorption and thermo-physical properties of materials).


Politecnico di Milano - Department of Energy - campus Bovisa
via Lambruschini, 4A (Buildings BL25-BL25A)
20156 Milano

Cesare Joppolo - phone: +39 02 2399 3856 - mail: cesare.joppolo(at)


  • Cesare Joppolo
  • Stefano De Antonellis
  • Samanta Milani
  • Luca Molinaroli
  • Federico Pedranzini
  • Francesco Romano
  • Massimo Valentini