Contaminant Migration and Nuclear Safeguards Laboratory

Contaminant Migration
 •  Measurements and modelling of processes that govern  the migration of contaminants into soil, water, and air
 •  Static and dynamic measurements (batch and column tests)
 •  Study of the distribution processes of contaminants between aqueous and solid phases
 •  Leaching measurements for the containment of fission products
 •  Development of deterministic and stochastic models of transport of contaminants in natural and artificial porous media.

Nuclear Safeguard
 •  Simulation of measurements for the detection of nuclear materials in containers by passive and active techniques (neutrons and photons)
 •  Development of Monte Carlo MCNP and MCNPX codes.

Dipartimento di Energia - Politecnico di Milano - campus Bovisa
via La Masa, 34 (building B18)
20156 Milano - ITALY

Francesca Giacobbo
phone +39 02 2399 6360
mail: francesca.giacobbo(at)


  • Giacobbo Francesca
  • Padovani Enrico
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