Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives Laboratory

The laboratory is located in the BL25A Building of the Department of Energy. In this lab, the experimental characterization of electrical machines and drives is performed: among the aims, the comparison among analytical modeling, numerical simulation (by using FEM tools) and test results. The lab is equipped with three dynamometers, i.e. braking devices for the test of electrical machines.
- The first and the second dynamometer can be electronically regulated both in torque and in speed; the ratings are 15Nm/3000 rpm; 1Nm/50000 rpm respectively.
- The third dynamometer rating is 50Nm – 3000 rpm.
The lab is also equipped with dc controlled power sources, with variac and transformers, with resistive and inductive loads for the load tests of the components, and with all the instrumentation for sampling and measurement of the operation electrical and mechanical quantities.

Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Energia - campus Bovisa
via Lambruschini, 4 (building BL25A)
20156 Milano – ITALY

Prof. Antonino Di Gerlando
phone: +39 02 2399 3722
fax: +39 02 2399 8566
mail antonino.digerlando(at)


  • Roberto Perini
  • Marco Merlo
  • Giovanni Maria Foglia