Electronic Laboratory

The activity of the Electronic Laboratory is focused on the study, design, fabrication and characterisation of nuclear detection systems: radiation detectors, electronic circuits for signal readout and processing.The main applications concern the electronic instrumentation for the nuclear measurements:•    physics (nuclear physics, high energy physics, material science, dosimetry and microdosimetry)•    nuclear plants (fission, fusion, nuclear safeguards and radioprotection)•    medical applications (SPECT, PET and radiotherapy).Relationship with external Institutions:Universities of Milan, Padua, Trento, Perugia and Bari,National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN-LNL, INFN-LNS),National Research Centres (CNR-IFP-Milan, CNR-INO-Pisa)International Laboratories (CERN, JRC-Ispra, Brookhaven Nat. Lab. NY USA, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization ANSTO)

Dipartimento di Energia - Politecnico di Milano - campus Bovisa
via La Masa, 34 (building B18)
20156 Milano - ITALY

Alberto Fazzi
phone: +39 02 2399 6313
mail: alberto.fazzi(at)polimi.it