Ionizing Radiation Calibration Laboratory (Centro Accredia LAT 104)

This is a secondary standard calibration laboratory in the area of ionizing radiation metrology. It was accredited in 1999 by the Italian accreditation body ACCREDIA (Formerly SIT).Instruments are calibrated using the radiation qualities specified in the International standard ISO4037. The calibrations are performed in two irradiation rooms hosting an X-ray tube and an irradiator equipped with sources on Cs-137, Co-60 Am-241. Further details on the calibration can be found on the ACCREDIA website.

Dipartimento di Energia - Politecnico di Milano - Campus Bovisa
via La Masa, 34 (building B18)
20156 Milano - ITALY

Ornella Tambussi
phone: +39 02 2399 6305
mail: ornella.tambussi(at)


  • Marco Caresana
  • Ornella Tambussi
  • Stefano Abate