Laboratory of Energy Conversion and Storage (LabX)

The laboratory is a complete infrastructure for testing cogeneration and trigeneration units fueled by natural gas, hydrogen, synthetic gas or any mixtures of the previous, as well as for testing heat pumps, absorption chillers and boilers (up to an electrical power input or output of 100 kWel and fuel input of 300 kWth). Typical cogeneration and trigeneration units are internal combustion engines, micro gas turbines, fuel cells, Stirling engines, and organic Rankine cycles. The units are characterized in terms of energy and environmental performances, allowing also to improve physical components and control logics. Tests are executed according to internal procedures as well as to available standards.

Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Energia - campus Bovisa
via Lambruschini, 4/A (building BL25A)
20156 Milano - ITALY

Gianluca Valenti
phone: +39 02 2399 3845/3899
mail: gianluca.valenti(at)


  • Stefano Campanari
  • Gianluca Valenti
  • Antonino Ravidà