MRT Fuel Cell Lab

The MRT Fuel Cell Lab contributes to the development of electrochemical technologies for energy conversion and storage. The research activities are focused on both experimental and theoretical-modeling studies of transport phenomena, with the aim to:
-characterize the limiting physical phenomena
-develop innovative components
-optimize system operation and lifetime
The ongoing projects regard polymer electrolyte fuel cells, redox flow batteries and Lithium-ion batteries for automotive application and stationary energy storage.
The lab experimental facilities are:
-experimental stations for automated characterization of performance, degradation and transport phenomena in single cell
-systems for local characterization by means of segmented cells and reference electrodes
-instrument for in-situ electrochemical characterization (EIS, CV, LSV)
-instrument for the analysis of gas composition


Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Energia - campus Bovisa
via Lambruschini, 4 (edificio BL25)
20156 Milano

Andrea Casalegno - telefono: 02 2399 3912  3840 - mail:  andrea.casalegno(at)


  • Andrea Casalegnbo
  • Matteo Zago
  • Andrea Baricci
  • Claudio Rabissi