Radiation Protection Laboratory

The Radiation Protection Laboratory carries out research and service in the field of radiometric measurements. Born in 1957 to provide the dosimetry service to the Politecnico's L54M nuclear research reactor, over the years it has extended its activity to other sectors of importance for radiation protection, giving more and more importance to a rigorous approach from a scientific point of view also in the problems that most affect industrial and production activities. To date, the laboratory's activities are:
• measurements on samples by liquid scintillation
• high resolution gamma spectrometric analysis
• Qualified Expert service (III degree)
• radiation protection consultancy and organization of training courses
• assistance on specific issues, such as:
   o problems relating to the decommissioning of nuclear installations
   o radiometric control on loads of semi-finished products, goods, waste and materials destined for recycling
   o or orphan sources
   o management of radioactive waste
   o dosimetry of airline crew members
   o dosimetric evaluations in cases of internal contamination
   o report on the radon concentration values ​​measured in the rooms subject to control


Dipartimento di Energia - Politecnico di Milano - campus Bovisa
via La Masa, 34 (building B18)
20156 Milano -ITALY

Fabrizio Campi
telefono: 02 2399 6356
mail: fabrizio.campi(at)polimi.it

Alessandro Porta
telefono: 02 2399 6365
email: alessandro.porta(at)polimi.it


  • Campi Fabrizio
  • Martinelli Lario
  • Porta Alessandro Antonio
  • Luca Codispoti