ThermALab (acronym of Thermal Analysis Lab) carries on research activity on heat and mass transfer  and  thermal analysis of devices, systems and processes for a very broad spectrum of engineering applications ranging from automotive to electronics, from biomedical to aerospace, from conventional energy systems to green power generation. Issues currently indagated at Thermalab, both from a numerical and experimental standpoint, are micro-scale heat transfer, complex flows over a large variety of enhanced surfaces, thermal conductivity of metallic foams and trabecular or composite materials, spectral and directional radiometric properties both of opaque and transparent materials.
Finally, Thermalab has a longterm proven expertise in IR-thermographic analyses and in thermal modeling carried out by means of thermo-fluid-dynamics simulations (CFD), multiphysics finite elements analyses (FEM), ray-tracing simulations, and custom software development. The long-standing experimental experience of the Lab- allows to create models that take account of any relevant physical phenomenon for very accurate result


Politecnico di Milano - Department of Energy - campus Bovisa
via Lambruschini, 4A (building BL25)
20156 Milano

Alfonso Niro - phone: +39 02 2399 3905 - mail:  alfonso.niro(at)


  • Alfonso Niro
  • Damiano Fustinoni
  • Pasqualino Gramazio
  • Caterina La Terra
  • Federica Vignati
  • Luigi Vitali