Teaching laboratories

Teaching and experimental infrastructures

The Department of Energy pays great attention to experimental teaching and devotes several spaces in the B13 building on Via La Masa campus to this purpose. This building, which houses most of the laboratories of the entire School of Industrial and Information Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano, has a specifically equipped classroom for the department’s lectures and experimental infrastructures (test benches) located in equipped laboratories.

The equipped classroom enables combining lectures and experiments for Technical Physics and Energy Systems. It is possible to carry out simple tests on the basic principles of thermodynamics, heat exchange, fluid dynamics and machines by using appropriate measuring instruments. Moreover, with the aid of models, it is also possible to present the various types of machines (hydraulic and thermal, dynamic and volumetric), the specific components which form them and the constructional details (turbomachinery profiles and blade channels, combustion chambers, intake and exhaust systems, etc.), in addition to the effects on these components of particular phenomena which affect them (cavitation, pumping, etc.).

The experimental test benches complement the ex-cathedra lectures enabling experiments on more complex plants and components from an engineering point of view.
It is in fact possible, for example, to carry out the experimental determination of the characteristic curves, of the main phenomena arising from changes in the boundary conditions and the latter’s influence on the yields of incompressible and compressible fluid turbomachines. Particular attention is also given to thermodynamic cycles (Otto, Joule-Brayton, Rankine, Stirling) for which it is possible to investigate their main features in relation to loads, to the frequency and to the flow rates of the various types of interacting fluids.