Laboratories for Tests and Certifications

> FIRELAB (Resistance to Fire Testing Laboratory)

Fire tests with SBI (Single Burner Item) are carried out on construction materials pursuant to UNI EN 13823: 2010 and ignitability with a small flame according to standard EN ISO 11925-2: 2005. The activities of the laboratory include non-regulatory tests with these devices in order to define regulations concerning non-standard materials or applications.
Responsible: Alfonso NIRO - +39 02 2399 8505 - alfonso.niro(at)


> LAT calibration center n. 104 - Ionizing Radiation Sector and Radon Sector
The Radiation Metrology Laboratory is part of the University Quality Service structure of the Politecnico di Milano (LAT Calibration Center No. 104 - ACCREDIA Calibration Department) as an Ionizing Radiation Sector and as a Radon Sector. The Center performs the calibration by comparison of dosimeters and rateometers for environmental / personal radiation protection and radiodiagnostics; the calibration of monitors for the measurement of radon concentration in air and the exposures for the characterization of passive devices in radon atmospheres.
Responsabile for Ionizing Radiations: Marco CARESANA - +39 02 2399 6336 - marco.caresana(at)
Responsible for Radeon: Luisella GARLATI - +39 02 2399 6371 - luisella.garlati(at)
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>Organizer of evaluation tests PTP n. 0022 B
The Radiation Metrology Laboratory organizes evaluative tests for dosimetry (scheme accredited in 2021). It also promotes pilot test schemes in the radiation protection field, also on request.
Responsible: Luisella GARLATI - 02 2399 6371 - luisella.garlati(at)


It has been operational for over 20 years and is one of the world’s reference points for the sector. The test plant is specifically dedicated to verifying the functional characteristics and the outflow capacity of safety valves operating in air and in water. The tests are normally carried out both for R & D and for the product certification (CE) according to industry standards (ISO 4126). The laboratory can operate on two different test benches: in water or in the air. The test division for valves operating in air is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.
The Laboratory is accredited to EN17025 by ACCREDIA DP (Department of Test) and operates as a multi-site laboratory LAB N.1275
: Vincenzo Dossena - +39 02 2399 8612 - vincenzo.dossena(at)


Development of new instrumentation for radiation protection.
Responsible: Fabrizio CAMPI - +39 02 2399 6356 - fabrizio.campi(at)

> LTI (Thermohydraulic Testing Laboratory)
The laboratory consists of a system for testing cold water meters and a thermostatic chamber which carries out experimental activities on low temperature exchangers. The meter test facility is also used for fluid dynamic tests on thermo-hydraulic components and for the calibration of flow meters. Hydraulic leak tests are also carried out
Responsible: Fabio RINALDI - +39 02 2399 2342 - fabio.rinaldi(at)

> LTT (Thermometric Calibration Laboratory)

The Laboratory offers the calibration service for comparing of thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermometric chains and glass liquid thermometers in the temperature range between -80 ° C and +1100 ° C.
The laboratory operates as a Calibration Center LAT N ° 104 (accreditation according to EN17025 of ACCREDIA-Calibration Department).
Responsible: Fabio RINALDI - +39 02 2399 2342 - fabio.rinaldi(at)

> MRT (Measurement and Thermo-Tecnical Research Laboratory)

It is a European Reference Laboratory for measuring the thermal output of radiators and convectors. It performs testing activities of thermal power plants. It participates in applied research programmes and field activities with thermal plant manufacturers and installation companies.
The laboratory manages the calibration (verification of the repeatability and reproducibility) of a test installation (thermostatic chamber) in compliance with EN 442-2:2014.
Since 2021 it is the "I" headquarters of the accredited multi-site testing laboratory LAB 1275.
Responsible: Fabio RINALDI - +39 02 2399 2342 - mrt(at)


ReLAB, an innovative laboratory of the Polytechnic of Milan, meets the needs of the industrial sectors of air conditioning, heating and production of domestic hot water. It offers a wide range of services aimed at evaluating the performance and labeling of products according to the most recent European standards and regulations (Ecodesign, Ecolabel, ErP directive).
The Laboratory is accredited to EN17025 by ACCREDIA DP (Department of Test) and operates as a multi-site laboratory LAB N.1275
: Mario MOTTA - +39 02 2399 3818 - mario.motta(at)