A strong signal from the Politecnico di Milano

Faced with the worldwide growing importance of the energy issue, the Politecnico di Milano wants to openly declare its ability and willingness to actively and concretely participate in the in-depth analysis of energy related topics.

The Department of Energy is thus founded

In 2008, the Politecnico di Milano brings together into a single Department all the scientific expertise necessary to explore and disseminate all study subjects and technologies related to energy: this represents the birth of the Department of Energy.

An epoch-making sum of experiences

Up until then, that same expertise was divided into four distinct Department: Energetic, Nuclear Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical and Chemical Materials and Engineering.

Since 2008, the teaching staff and researchers of the four departments with their individual experiences merged into a multi-disciplinary structure, a total expertise which strengthens day by day, in a constant and fruitful cooperation. This has truly opened the way to a new global approach to issues concerning energy in Italy.