People, passion, energy

More than 350 people, every day, are engaged in researches and teaching in the energy sector: they are the teachers, the technical-administrative staff, the researchers and the PhD students of the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano.
At the Department of Energy we consider the energy world in its complexity and in its continuous evolution. Subjects of study are the disciplines and technologies related to production, conversion, transport and final uses of energy, considering their social and environmental complex implications.

Thanks to the wide range of skills offered by the Department of Energy, the Politecnico di Milano can boast one of the most authoritative structures in Europe: a reference point for the high level of teaching, primary interlocutor for research, an active and proactive partner of companies and  Institutions. At national and international level.


The energy culture

We are part of a University of excellence: ensuring the utmost commitment to teaching the basic disciplines, deepening scientific issues with experimentation and applied research is a must for us. We want to do even more: we want to teach and spread a correct and qualified use of energy.
Our added value is in people, aware of the incessant changes taking place in industrialized and in developing countries. Our commitment is aimed at providing the tools necessary for a more sustainable use of energy in the long term, in Italy and in the world.

Our values

Social responsibility, intellectual honesty, autonomy from partisan interests, ability to see in the long period, knowing how to spread and share knowledge: these are the values that guide us in research, in teaching, in relationships between people.