Efficiency in end uses

Energy efficiency is one of the three pillars of the European energy policy, together with safety and sustainability. In this context, the research and study of the Department of Energy affect both the industrial sector and the civil sector.
In the industrial sector, the main skills concern the development of highly innovative technologies for the electricity sector and the production and use of thermal energy.
In the civil sector the skills concern the building envelope through the study of technological solutions for the reduction of energy consumption and thermal energy production facilities for environmental air conditioning.
The Department of Energy proposes itself in this area with various roles serving the sector operators, the industry sector and civil society and operates in order to:

  • promote the greater efficiency demand by end consumers
  • develop technical solutions, transfer techniques and methodologies, provide advanced services with high technological innovative and/or system content in the field of domestic and industrial air conditioning
  • develop technical solutions for the efficient use of electricity in the civil (lighting) and industrial (electric cars) sectors
  • design high efficiency building envelopes and study the building-plant interaction for constructing Near Zero Energy Buildings-NZEB

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