Energy storage, transportation and distribution

The Department of Energy is active in the field of energy policies where it applies its skills and expertise, appropriate for analysing these issues mainly on the basis of the effects on technology roadmaps required to implement different strategies at a national (country specific systems) and supranational level.
The energy sector and its technological development are part of the regulated markets and energy planning, vital for a country, must promote safety, efficiency and sustainability. Interdependencies between environmental, economic and social dimensions require that technological chains and related aggregations
should comply with multi-criteria analysis.
The Department of Energy proposes itself with a triple role:

  • as a research centre where analysis models and the assessment of technological development strategies are studied, analysed and proposed, in cooperation with other international actors.
  • as an independent analyst of the scenarios and the impacts of the various energy policies on technological solutions to be adopted both at the level of national and supranational systems
  • as a scientific advisor of the political world and of the international organisations in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

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