Research is the Department's heart

Research is the reason for being of the Departments of the Politecnico di Milano. The Department of Energy uses the typical tools of scientific and technological engineering research, in over 10,000 square meters of experimental, modelling and numerical simulation laboratories.

At the service of scientific progress

Basic research and applied research coexist within the Department, in the belief that the role of the University must be characterised by the will and the ability to open new paths, to identify emerging issues and to develop new technologies. To then disseminate and make these results available. And to deliver an immediate and tangible direct benefit to the society in which it operates.
This is our daily commitment, in constant contact with the best international universities and research institutions and alongside all those companies which recognise the high-quality research carried out at the Department of Energy.

Research areas

The Department of Energy is at the forefront of research in the energy sector and its implications on the environment and society. The Department is active along the entire energy supply chain and deals with fossil, nuclear and renewable primary energy sources, conversion systems for generating energy carriers (electricity and oil derivatives and gas) and their build-up, end-use energy in the field of domestic, industrial and transport applications. In the energy supply chain, the topic of energy efficiency becomes the common denominator in order to promote a rational and sustainable use of the planet's resources, reduce the environmental impact linked to local pollution and limit greenhouse gas emissions. Energy scenarios forecasts, as well as energy strategies and policies, play a strategic role in the national and international scene which can help to direct the penetration of different technological solutions in future scenarios.