Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives Group
The research Group “Electrical converters, machines and drives” studies design and modeling aspects of standard and novel electrical machines; besides, it is involved in the analysis of power electronics converters, electrical drives and related control systems.
One kind of electrical machine the group has analyzed in depth for several applications is the permanent magnet machine, equipped with conventional or innovative windings (with tooth coils): wind power systems; special motors (with dual concentric rotors); high speed micromotors.
A second activity concerns the stability of isolated micro-grids, fed by power electronics converters non-communicating among them, and the problem of synthetic inertia. Another research topic is the electromagnetic and dielectric analysis of reactors, transformers and magnetic devices in general.
A last but not least sector regards the sensorless control (without speed and position sensors) of doubly fed induction machines.

Prof. Antonino Di Gerlando
Phone: +39 02 2399 3722
fax. +39 02 2399 8566
mail: antonino.digerlando(at)


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