Detection of Radiations and Measurement (RDM)

The group operates in the fields of radiation physics and chemistry applied to nuclear engineering. Research activities are devoted to the study and development of innovative approaches, methodologies and tools for the use and characterization of radiation fields of different nature and properties in the scientific, industrial and medical fields. The group has a strong experimental character. Activities are organized in the following laboratories: Nuclear and Electronics Measurements, Radioprotection, Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry, Contaminant Migration and Nuclear Safeguard. The group offers a LAT Calibration Laboratory for X and gamma radiation, an irradiation facility with thermal and fast neutrons and a radon chamber.

Prof. Stefano Agosteo
phone: +39 02 2399 6318
mail: stefano.agosteo(at)


  • Stefano AGOSTEO
  • Stefano ABATE   
  • Davide BORTOT   
  • Fabrizio CAMPI   
  • Marco CARESANA
  • Giovanni D'ANGELO
  • Mirko DA ROS
  • Alberto FAZZI
  • Luisella GARLATI
  • Francesca GIACOBBO
  • Marco GIOLA
  • Mario MARIANI
  • Eros MOSSINI
  • Enrico PADOVANI
  • Andrea POLA
  • Alessandro PORTA
  • Ornella TAMBUSSI

  • Elena MACERATA - Research fellow

Research Group Laboratories
Laboratory of Contaminant Migration and Nuclear Safeguards
Laboratory of Nuclear Measures and Electronics
Laboratory of Radiation Protection
Laboratory of Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry
Laboratory of Radiation Metrology

Calibration of Ionizing Radiation (Testing and Certificatio Laboratory)