Electrical Engineering (EE)

The Electrical Engineering Group research activities cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from modeling engineering systems and devices, to monitoring techniques for energy production and distribution systems, to the development of analytical and numerical techniques (computational intelligence) for optimizing complex systems.A non-exhaustive list of covered topics is here reported:

  • Analysis and modeling of micro-grid components (Renewable Energy Sources, Converters, Network, Storage, etc.);
  • Forecasting methods of energy production from renewable sources;
  • Monitoring of technological installations and plants (photovoltaic and wind power) by means of UAV;
  • Study and development of innovative solutions for energy harvesting and wireless charging of electrical devices (drones, vehicles, etc.);
  • Design of advanced satellite communication systems.

Prof.ssa Sonia Leva
phone: +39 02 2399 3709
fax: +39 02 2399 8566
mail: sonia.leva(at)polimi.it


  • Sonia LEVA
  • Gabriele D'ANTONA
  • Alessandro GANDELLI
  • Francesco GRIMACCIA
  • Marco MUSSETTA
  • Alessandro NICCOLAI         
  • Emanuele OGLIARI
  • Riccardo ZICH

  • Alvise BAGGIO (Phd Student)
  • Panagiotis ELEFTHERIADIS (Phd Student)
  • Andrea MATTERI (Research fellow)
  • Lorenzo MERALDI (Phd Student)  
  • Alfredo NESPOLI (Phd Student)
  • Simone POLIMENI (Phd)      
  • Michael WOOD (Phd Student)
  • Syeda Shafia ZEHRA (Phd Student)

Research laboratories of the Group