Group: End-use efficiency (eERG)

The end use Efficiency Research Group (eERG), consisting of two staff professors, two senior researchers and a staff of consultants and junior or PhD researchers, is dedicated to researching the technological, economics and regulatory aspects of end use energy efficiency.
Specific areas of activity are:

  • building physics, efficient use of energy in buildings, efficient lighting systems, (measurements, audits, computer simulations, retrofit design)
  • zero energy buildings, nZEBs and passive houses
  • on field monitoring campaigns of energy and comfort performances, and indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings
  • dynamic energy simulation of buildings envelope and systems
  • energy planning at local level, energy efficiency in smart cities
  • design and evaluation of Energy Demand Management programmes realised by energy companies or Public Bodies
  • analysis of utility tariff structures and their effects on the profitability of energy-efficient technologies, both to utilities and customer
  • market research in the field of efficient end-use technologies


Prof. Lorenzo Pagliano
phone: +39 02 2399 3870
mail: lorenzo.pagliano(at)