Electric Power Systems Groups

The research carried out by the group Electric Power Systems is focused on the whole electricity field, from the generation to the final use.

  • Electric systems and electricity markets:

- Static and dynamic models of large power systems, power plants and their controls and protections;
- Reliability and security: N-1, probabilistic security, Transfer Capacity, Dynamic Thermal Rating;
- Integration of renewable sources.

  • Distribution systems:

- Smart grids and dispersed generation; active grids;
- EMS for distribution systems;
- Voltage control and ancillary service market;
- Storage technologies and their coordinate use with prosumers and demand response; storage systems for Electric vehicles;
- Innovative methods for electricity distribution;
- Microgrids.

  • Final use of electricity:

- Strategies for load control;
- Electric safety;
- Innovative storage systems;
- Voltage quality and supply of final loads;
- Efficiency of final usage of electricity (lighting systems, LED, co-generation and tri-generation).

Prof. Alberto Berizzi
phone: +39 02 2399 3728
mail: alberto.berizzi(at)polimi.it

Prof. Maurizio Delfanti
phone: +39 02 2399 3719
mail: maurizio.delfanti(at)polimi.it

Prof. Dario Zaninelli
phone: +39 02 2399 3802
mail: dario.zaninelli(at)polimi.it


  • Alberto Berizzi
  • Cristian Bovo
  • Morris Brenna
  • Roberto Faranda
  • Federica Foiadelli
  • Marco Merlo
  • Dario Zaninelli
  • Davide Falabretti
  • Valentin Ilea
  • Michela Longo