Electrical Systems for Transportation Group

The researches studied by the Electrical Systems for Transportation team (SET) include technologies for sustainable urban and long-distance mobility of passenger and goods. The team studies the innovative solutions in the railway sector, defined as vehicles, power systems and automation for High Speed Train and their interconnections between countries, and urban tramways and subways transport that characterize different cities around the world. For road vehicles, methods for planning charging infrastructures and their impact on the electric grid are analyzed in terms of charging time. The different alternatives are then combined and integrated with storage systems and renewable sources to provide energy, technology, economic performance and environmental analyzes to meet mobility needs with today's single-modal or multimodal solutions.

Prof. Dario Zaninelli
phone +39 02 2399 3802
fax +39 02 2399 8566
mail: dario.zaninelli(at)polimi.it


  • Brenna Morris
  • Foiadelli Federica
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  • Zaninelli Dario