Fluid Dynamics of Turbomachinery (LFM)

Thermo-fluid  dynamic modelling, experimental analysis, design and optimization of turbomachinery, also operating with organic and supercritical (CO2) fluids, refrigerants, etc.   
Aero-hydro dynamic modelling and experimental analysis of wind turbines (also operating on floating offshore structure) and of hydraulic machines for clean power generation.


Prof. Vincenzo Dossena
phone: +39 02 2399 8612
mail: vincenzo.dossena(at)polimi.it

Prof. Paolo Gaetani
phone: +39 02 2399 8614
mail: paolo.gaetani(at)polimi.it

Web: www.lfm.polimi.it


  • Vincenzo DOSSENA
  • Dario CREMA
  • Alberto FUSETTI
  • Paolo GAETANI
  • Alessandro MORA
  • Giacomo PERSICO
  • Andrea SPINELLI

Research Group Laboratories
Turbo Machinery Fluid Dinamyc Laboratory (LFM)
Safety Valves Test Laboratory

CREA Lab - Laboratory of Compressible-fluid dynamics for Renewable Energy Applications (Interdipartimenta Laboratory)
GVPM - Wind Tunnel (Large Infrastructures for Research)