Micro and Nanostructured Materials Group

research activity concerns the synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured films and surfaces, clusters and nanostructures via physical vapour deposition methods, with an approach based on both experimental and theoretical expertise in the physics of matter field (solid state physics, surface physics, plasma physics). The aim is to investigate the relationship between nanoscale structure and functional properties (e.g. electronic, optical, mechanical, etc.) and the radiation-matter interaction in such systems, mainly employing advanced microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. Besides studying model nanostructures for fundamental research projects, it is of interest to develop novel materials (e.g. metals, metal oxides, semiconductors, carbon structures) and nanotechnologies, in view of innovative applications in many fields, particularly in the energy sector (photovoltaic, photo catalysis, nuclear fission and fusion, etc.).

Prof. Andrea Li Bassi
telefono: 02 2399 6316


  • Andrea LI BASSI
  • Carlo CASARI
  • David DELLASEGA   
  • Alessandro MAFFINI   
  • Paolo OSSI       
  • Matteo PASSONI
  • Valeria RUSSO
  • Margherita ZAVELANI ROSSI

Research Group Laboratories
Micro and Nanostructured Materials Laboratory

Solid-Liquid Interface Nanomicroscopy Lab - SoLINano Lab (Interdipartimental Laboratory)
NanoMedLab (
Interdipartimental Laboratory)
Cryolab (
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