New generation Nuclear Reactors (NRG)
Since year 2000 the research activities of the Nuclear Reactors Group are focused on New Generation Reactors, namely on Small Modular Reactors, on Generation IV studies (Lead Fast Reactors, Molten Salt Reactors) and on Fusion reactor technology. Key purposes encompasse their integration in new energy and hybrid systems, where nuclear is coupled with renewables and cogeneration plants, as well as non-conventional applications like nuclear space propulsion and planet surface power systems.
R&D areas: thermal hydraulics and safety systems – both modelling and experimental, thermal mechanics, nuclear fuel performance, core neutronics, multi-physics & model-based simulation and control, economics.
The NRGroup is leading R&D activities in national and international projects, mainly within the EURATOM funded initiatives.
Edu&Training activities of the NRGroup refer to MSc and PhD programmes in the Nuclear Engineering area and also to professionals, e.g. in the field of Nuclear Project Management (in collaboration with the MIP-Business School of Politecnico di Milano) and of Nuclear Safeguards (in collaboration with ENEN association and with ESARDA and international experts).
NRGroup people collaborate with EU and extra-EU universities, research centres, companies and international organisations (IAEA, OECD-NEA) both in R&D and educational initiatives.

Prof. Marco Ricotti
Phone: +39 02 2399 6325
Mail: marco.ricotti(at)


  • Marco RICOTTI
  • Antonio CAMMI
  • Stefano LORENZI
  • Lelio LUZZI

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