Sustainable Energy System Analysis and Modelling Group (SESAM)

The research group “Sustainable Energy System Analysis and Modelling” (SESAM) operates under the flag of the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development. SESAM's research goals is to assess the overall impact of energy scenarios and technology roadmaps in the frame of the energy transition requested by the Agenda 2030 and compliant with the different national energy, environmental and economic policies. The activity is carried out through:

  • the technological characterization (of product and/or system) that derives from a detailed thermo-fluid dynamic modeling of components and systems using both commercial (Ansys) and open Source (OpenFoam) CFD codes;
  • the characterization of the interrelationships between the energy sector and other production sectors which derives from an approach based on empirical models applied to industrial ecology (LCA, hybrid Input-Output) to estimate the economic-environmental impact of future energy sector development scenarios and related policies (Europe Policies, Agenda 2030 ...)

Prof. Emanuela Colombo
Phone: +39  02 2399 3820
Mail: emanuela.colombo(at)


  • Emanuela COLOMBO
  • Fabio INZOLI
  • Giorgio BESAGNI
  • Gael Raymond GUEDON   
  • Riccardo MEREU   
  • Matteo Vincenzo ROCCO   

  • Adedodyn Adebodun ADELEKE
  • Nicolò GOLINUCCI
  • Giulia GUIDICINI
  • Eshan RANAEE
  • Lorenzo RINALDI
  • Francesco Davide SANVITO
  • Antonio Castro SOARES
  • Nicolò STEVANATO
  • Amin Mohammad TAHAVORI
  • Francesco TONINI