• Corso di Laurea Magistrale (Degree Course Master of Sciences)
  • Sezione di Ingegneria Elettrica (Division of Electrical Engineering)
  • Gruppo di Ricerca: Sistemi Elettrici per l’Energia (Research Group: Electric Power Systems)

Energy models for generation expansion plans: review and applications

Responsabile (responsible): Marco Merlo - telefono (phone): 02 2399 3762 – mail: marco.merlo@polimi.it

Energy systems models are important methods used to generate a range of insight and analysis on the supply and demand of energy. Developed over the second half of the twentieth century, they are now seeing increased relevance in the face of stringent climate policy, energy security and economic development concerns, and increasing challenges due to the changing nature of the twenty-first century energy system. Some recommendations and challenges from the literature do emerge:
1. It is important to have a wide range of tools and methods available and to select from this repository when tackling a specific question. The danger is that proven and established methods gain primacy because of their familiarity.
2. To innovatively combine methods from different sources and from other fields.
3. To enhance transparency in the modelling endeavours and practices through open energy platforms and tools.

Within these two pivotal phases of the generation expansion plan endeavour, the proposal is pursuing the following twofold objective:
- To adopt and develop methods and tools that meet and tackle the aforementioned 3 challenges of the energy system modelling field.
- To always provide robust and competitive consultancy services by relying on reliable and up-to-date energy system models.

Maggiori informazioni (more information):
the Thesis project will be developed within a Stage in a research oriented company, active at international level: CESI S.p.a. (https://www.cesi.it/)