Internal Combustion Engines Group (ICEG)
Research on the next generation of IC engines, designed to achieve zero impact emissions. Investigations to improve the understanding of physical and chemical processes occurring in IC engines, developing and validating advanced computational tools. In particular, the topics of the research activity are the following:
a) alternative fuels and combustion processes: biofuels, e-fuels, hydrogen, natural gas, ammonia, dual-fuel;
b) gas exchange, turbocharging, after-treatment systems, silencers;
c) zero-impact emission engines;
d) development of advanced CFD (OpenFOAM, LibICE library) and 1D (Gasdyn) thermo-fluid dynamic models.


Angelo Onorati
phone: +39 02 2399 8416


  • Angelo ONORATI
  • Tarcisio CERRI
  • Augusto DELLA TORRE
  • Gianluca D'ERRICO
  • Tommaso LUCCHINI
  • Gianluca MONTENEGRO
  • Lorenzo SFORZA

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Internal Combustion Engines Computional Laboratory