First and Second level Specializing Masters are another opportunity that the Department offers.
Master RIDEF 2.0, the first master activated by the Department, focuses on sustainability, energy efficiency and distributed power generation and it aims at forming professionals with a multidisciplinary background.
Since 2019, the Department offers three Corporate Specializing Masters: the first, in collaboration with Eni Spa and Eni Corporate University, opened to external applicants,, the second dedicated to employees of Enel Green Power and Global Thermal Generation. The third, in collaboration with Enel Group, is open to external applicants and employees of the group.
The Specializing Masters have received the ITALCERT ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  RIDEF 2.0: an appointment with innovation

The RIDEF Master - born in 2003 on the basis of the intuition that substantial changes were on the horizon in the energy system - has now totalled 14 years of achievements and trained more than 300 qualified professionals working in the business world, who have radically transformed the energy landscape of the Country
The Fifteenth Edition will start in March 2019.

Since 2014, following a didactic redesign, it was named RIDEF 2.0 Reinventing energy: it is a I and II level specialisation Master and is addressed to students who have graduated in technical, scientific, economic and political disciplines, recent graduates or those from the world of work. It aims to satisfy the professional and managerial demand by new businesses which have arisen to meet the demands of the ongoing energy revolution (such as ESCo, Traders, Integrated Designers), and of Utilities (which are reviewing their business models to remain competitive) and of Institutions (regional and local entities) that increasingly take on new land management roles.

The RIDEF Master is part of the training courses of the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano and pertains to the School of Industrial and Information Engineering. The course is certified 9001 by Italcert.
Prof. Lorenzo Pagliano

Vice director: Prof. Paolo Silva
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Energy Innovation
The II level Master in Energy Innovation, carried out by Eni in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, is aimed at training resources with a transversal vision on the traditional areas of the Oil & Gas business and able to monitor frontier technological issues. The objectives of the Master are to develop resources with multidisciplinary training, with integrated and synergistic areas of expertise (renewable energies, green chemistry, biomass, biorefineries, big data, digitalisation, energy storage, etc.) and develop management skills, the so-called soft-skills, integrating them with those purely technical-scientific in the Oil & Gas area and with those of the new energy sources. Participants, selected on the basis of Eni's recruitment needs, will be offered an Higher Education and Research Apprenticeship Contract, active for the entire duration of the Master.

Director: Prof. Giovanni Lozza
Vice director: Prof. Alfonso Niro
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Strategic and Innovative O&M Management (Corporate Master)
The first level Master's degree realized by Enel Thermal Generation and Enel Green Power in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano for internal training needs. The purpose of Operation & Maintenance activities is to maximize and monitor the performance of power plants in the Enel world, to guarantee and improve O&M processes, to ensure a consolidated view and optimization of maintenance plans. The O&M lines of the two divisions aim to continue the application program of the hard, soft and digital skills of its staff. The solution is a transversal training path, aimed at a specific target, aimed at forming key figures ready to cover global positions both in the GRE and GTX divisions. The Master's program started in mid-January 2019 and will end in March 2020. The training course is carried out on a commission from ENEL, and is a personalized program, structured in weekly intensive training modules in English.

Director: Prof. Fabio Inzoli
Vice director: Prof. Raffaella Cagliano
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Smart Grids
The Smart Grids Second Level Specializing Master, promotes by Enel Group in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, aims to deepen the study of the evolution of electricity systems needed to enable a significant development of generators from Renewable Energy.
The  Specializing Master, which aims to develop resources with multidisciplinary education, focuses on assessing the impact of renewable sources on the electricity system at the network level and at the market level.
The lessons will introduce innovative technological solutions and present case studies on solutions implemented on the public distribution network and innovations under development in national and European research projects.
Participants, selected on the basis of Enel Group’s recruitment needs, will be offered an Higher Education and Research Apprenticeship Contract for the entire duration of the Master.
The Specializing Master will be provided in English.

Director: Prof. Marco Merlo
Vice Director: Prof. Maurizio Delfanti
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