Energy Conversion Systems Group (GECOS)

The GECOS research group works on technologies for energy conversion and storage, in the fields of power generation (electrical and thermal) and of industrial applications. The numerical and experimental research activities aim at studying processes and systems for the efficient use of renewable and fossil energy sources, in the perspective of a sustainable energy transition.
The developed works investigate the integration and optimization of advanced technologies, focusing in particular on solutions at a development status in the range of TRL (Technology readiness Level) 4-8. The research activities cover a broad range of applications, from the poli-generation or multi-energy systems, to the methods for CO2 capture, to the hydrogen value chain (production, transport, storage, use), and the production of synthetic fuels (biofuels, methanol, e-fuels, ammonia, …).
The research group has a solid expertise on the techno-economic assessment of complex systems, exploiting both commercial simulation tools (e.g., AspenPlus, Thermoflex, Simulink) as well as ad hoc developed models, codes, and algorithms.

Paolo Chiesa
telefono: 02 2399 3916 - 0523 35 6891


  • Giovanni LOZZA
  • Marco ASTOLFI
  • Marco BINOTTI
  • Paola BOMBARDA
  • Davide BONALUMI   
  • Paolo CHIESA
  • Stefano CONSONNI
  • Manuele GATTI
  • Andrea GIOSTRI
  • Antonio GIUFFRIDA
  • Giampaolo MANZOLINI   
  • Emanuele MARTELLI
  • Antonino RAVIDA'
  • Matteo ROMANO
  • Paolo SILVA   
  • Riccardo SIMONETTI   
  • Gianluca VALENTI
  • Federico VIGANO'

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